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Everything on my page here is about the passion, love and admiration I share for watches. It started off for me when I wanted to buy a watch and there was less than required info I could find before I had to make a big purchase of my life. I bought that watch and decided to make my own video to show how the watch wore on my (6.5") wrist. This was back in 2017, and what you see here is where I am now. 

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I am a watch admirer, dreamer and an enthusiast, and have spent thousands of hours creating videos on watches which I share on my Youtube Channel. And then on top of that, I have spent many years building some of the best watch communities in Australia. 
During this passion for watches, and while producing videos and interacting with my communities, I've come across, handled and experienced some of the most sought after and amazing mechanical watches in the world. 
As my communities continue to grow, I am actively looking to support them and for opportunities to serve them better. This website is one more step towards the same goal, and this time I have ventured into creating my own platform, and offering to my communities my own watch blogs, and a platform for Watch buying, selling, consignment and trades. 
If you have a watch that you wish to sell or buy safely and securely, that I can help you with, feel free to shoot me a message using the Contact me form below, and let's talk.

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