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Laurent Ferrier Sport Auto, Nailed it!

If you’ve been following Laurent Ferrier for a while, you might have seen their release back in in 2019/2020 of Tourbillon Grand Sport Steel Bracelet watch.

This was Laurent’s first integrated bracelet watch. I really hoped back in the day that Laurent did a time and date only piece, which was more available as opposed to Tourbillon version that was very limited in production. If you wished the same, we’ve all been heard just now 😉

Introducing the all new Laurent Ferrier Sport Auto in time and date only watch in the same integrated bracelet design but a more wearable size of 41.5mm as opposed to the Tourbillon model that was 44mm in size.

The watch comes in a beautiful gradient blue dial and satin and polished finish case and the bracelet. There’s a small catch this time though, it’s not in stainless steel. Rather it’s Grade 5 Titanium.

Can you think of any other integrated bracelet watch made of Titanium?

The watch naturally comes with an in-house movement and a beautiful micro rotor. The movement is also beautifully decorated as you’d expect from Laurent Ferrier.

There is probably one more catch - the thickness. The watch is 12.7mm thick which is naturally not the thinnest watch for intergrated cased watches, but it is still manageable. In return, you get 120m of water resistance which truly makes it a sports watch.

I will add some more specs and photos below for reference.

Another interesting and good news is that it’s not Limited edition or numbered, but it’s limited in production. Laurent Ferrier will make 125 pieces of these per year.

The price is 42,500€ before taxes.

Whats your take on the new release and the first sports and integrated bracelet watch (time-date only) from Laurent Ferrier?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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I love LF however this release is just not for me. Titanium is not to my liking only due to the weight being too light. The case feels like the dropped their Micro Rotor Square case into an integrated “holder”. However, the movement. Wow it looks gorgeous! So, from photos I am not a fan but…. I would love to see it in the metal and have my mind completely changed. You never know :) well done to LF

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Hafiz J Mehmood
Hafiz J Mehmood
05 Φεβ 2022
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I personally also prefer steel over the titanium but for some reason I dig this design so much that im willing to take a dive and see how it looks in real life.

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