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Rolex Daytona - Dimensional and Macro Analysis

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

If you checked my review I did on the Rolex Daytona Black Dial, I stated I will share the dimensional and the macro analysis in my blog, so here it is.

But before that, if you didn't check my video; you're missing out ;)

Here's the link to the video in case you want to check out some wrist shots, history or what I have to say about the Daytona



Rolex say its a 40mm watch, but when you wear it, it looks smaller, that's because when you measure its size with a caliper, it does look and measure smaller too.

Size measured at the outer extremity of the bezel: 38.4mm

Size of the dial: 29.9mm

Lug to lug height: 46.7mm

Thickness of the watch: 12.25mm

Bracelet width at the lugs: 20mm

Weight of the watch adjusted to 6.5" wrist: 133 grams

As you can notice in the above dimensions, the bezel size is really only under 38.5mm so if you found it to look too small for a 40mm watch, when you tried it on, you know the reason now.



Before I jump straight into the analysis, full disclosure; this is a brand new watch and the very same piece as I showed in my video. This watch was purchased from the AD in Australia by a mate of mine who I borrowed it from for this review.

The macro details are in the photos below, but if you check my video as per the link I copied above, I included a few macro clips from 07:52 onwards - you can fast forward and see these details which do show on my video too.

Under the macro, the minute hand has marks and scratches, and its indeed not ideal - photo below:

The subdial hand at 9 o clock shows somewhat a deeper scratch (photo below)

The sub dial hand at 6 o clock is no different (unfortunately)

The text is overall good, but a small white dot on the left side of word "Chronometer"

Minor smudge marks on the seconds hand

Hour markers are actually better than what I've seen on the subs or GMTs.

I will talk about the unsymmetrical lugs in a separate blog.

Let me know your thoughts and comments, and share your experience. Also, I am keen to know how do you find this new format of macro analysis in a blog as opposed to previously in my reviews.

And oh.. one thing more... But lets talk about it next time..

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