Today marks the end of Patek Philippe Nautilus, after 45 years of run!

We live in the times where speculations and rumors drive more craziness than the facts.. There were rumors of further discontinuation of Patek Philippe Nautilus models ref 5711/1R (Gold), 5711/1A (steel olive), and 5990/1A (steel) this year, but I decided to hold off on the comment until this had actually happened.

Looking through Patek website, I can confirm that the above three models including some other references have (sadly) been removed from the list.

While there is no intent to hype these watches up further (which are already not requiring any hyping anyway); it's genuinely sad to see these masterpieces go. This is purely because the Nautilus is indeed one of the best watches to be had; be it the design, the comfort, the fit, the thinness, the experience or the pleasure of wear. Needless to say, the story and the history associated with the Nautilus just makes it a very interesting watch.

The discontinuation in particular of 5711 marks the end of an era for time-only Nautilus as originally designed by Gerald Genta; which as we stand today, doesn't exist in any material (steel or gold) and in its original size of 40mm, on the manufacture website. Needless to say, that the Nautilus time-only (Original design) had a production run of 45 years, from 1976 until 2021.

To put it into another perspective, this is one of the longest production runs for any watch in its original design, and Patek are possibly trying to retain its exclusivity and prestige by discontinuing it, but I still think that the watch collector and enthusiast community will miss out on all the joy, pleasure and experience that the Nautilus had to offer. For some odd reason I cant explain, I still think it was discontinued too soon.

I do believe there is a replacement model underway, and sometimes the replacement can just mean a better watch, so I am keeping fingers crossed to see what's on the cards by Patek. But as of today, there's no Nautilus time only listed on Patek website, and there's also no comment from Patek yet.

If the replacement Nautilus is indeed underway; and in the extraordinary circumstances, that Patek are reading this, I genuinely wish that the new/replacement model:

  1. keeps the same size

  2. keeps the same thickness or is thinner.

  3. keeps the same design for the case and the bracelet

  4. offers some minor changes in the dial (to make it identifiable from the current production), may be a non-embossed (flat) dial? This is important to allow the original model to keep its exclusivity.

  5. offers quick bracelet replacement system

  6. offers clasp length adjustments

  7. Instant date change at mid night (with hacking seconds hand)

  8. Multiple AR coating both internally and externally on the crystal

And oh, could I also ask in the above wish-list for an opportunity where the watches could go to buyers based on their passion and love for watches, particularly for Nautilus, and not based on $ spending with the AD?

What are your thoughts on the replacement model for Nautilus? Is there a Nautilus replacement underway, or is it gone for the good? And if it is coming, what do you think you will or want to see in it?


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